Small Glowing Orbs  3.25"

Brighten your wedding or special event with these amazing battery operated LED spheres.These premium lights at discounted pricing will add that extra special lighting for your outdoor party or special addition to any center piece.

Program to any color you want. Gives off a moon glow. Very soothing colors. Can set to any range of blues, red, oranges, green, yellow, purple.

Two buttons on the bottom. One button turns it on. It will then slowly go through each color in the rainbow. When you decide on the color you want, hit the other button.  The waterproof design allows you to use them into the pool or hot tub if you want. Also there is a place to tie a wire on the bottom  to hang them.


Uses 2 x CR2032 batteries.    Run Time: 8 + hours 

Orbs LED lights
Price: $4.99