Low Price Guarantee!

Print Canada Store is a leader in wedding and event favours with over 2500 different favours on our site at the lowest price in Canada.


You will have the exceptional wedding favours you want, when you want them, at a price that can’t be beat.

Competitor's item must be an identical item by the same manufacturer.Glassware must be same size.
We look at the FINAL PRICE not the cost of each Favour. We try to price match the entire order, including all shipping costs, taxes etc., NOT just the price of each individual item. 

All prices must be in Canadian Funds.Favours Shipped from the U.S include duties and broker fees. Be aware some sites show the Canadian flag but if you read the fine print the prices are in U.S funds and ship from the U.S.

All our favours are shipped from Canada!

Our shipping prices range from 9.99 glassware may be more due to weight.Free shipping offers still do not match our prices.

Prices must be verified and do not include returned stock, limited stock or closeouts.

CAUTION: There all several websites with Canadian addresses and do not explain there are duties. The way they get around this is explain the order will be shipped form Manufacturer. You will be billed when it gets to your door.

We’re Factory Direct! All of our drinkware items are custom printed on-site at our factory warehouse location. Eliminating the retail middleman ensures that your order is processed faster and with cost savings that are passed down to you in the form of discounted wholesale prices.